11/19/2012 02:18 pm ET Updated Nov 20, 2012

Dream Job Only Becomes A Reality For Roughly 30 Percent Of Workers, Depressing Survey Finds

News flash: Following your dreams can be kind of hard.

Just less than 30 percent of workers land their dream job, or work in some related field, according to a recent LinkedIn survey of about 8,000 professionals. The top dream jobs for American men were pilot, scientist and professional or Olympic athlete, according to the survey. American women hoped to become teachers, vets or writers.

That not everyone is working in their dream profession may come as news to Warren Buffett, who with his billions can afford to tell everyone to do what makes them happy. The Oracle of Omaha told FORTUNE in a recent interview that he tells college students to “take the job that you would take if you were independently wealthy.” Good luck with that one, kids.

(Hat tip: Quartz)