11/20/2012 08:30 am ET

How To Remove Wine Stains From Tablecloth


With Thanksgiving merely days away, we know you’re getting ready to have a flawless gathering. Unfortunately, no matter how well you plan there are just some problems that are inevitable, like red wine stains. And a common spot for these spills is on your favorite linens. But not to worry -- your goods can be saved. Better Home And Gardens found a great way to remove red wine stains from a tablecloth that will ensure a stress-free clean up.

First, cover the spill with artificial sweetener and let this sit. Then, brush away the sugar substitute and rinse the tablecloth in cold water. The magazine also suggests using distilled white vinegar if the material is cotton, cotton blend or permanent press.

There is only so much you can do to prepare for the unexpected during the holiday season. By keeping these two ingredients in your home throughout the year, you can keep calm and clean on without having to run out to the store during your party.

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