11/19/2012 12:48 pm ET

John McAfee Disguise Involves Tampons, Software Guru Still On The Run In Belize

It should come as no surprise that the pioneer of a successful software and internet security company seems a touch oversuspicious. But the latest developments in the bizarre saga of John McAfee may push the limits of paranoia.

McAfee is on the run from police in Belize after disappearing following the murder of his San Pedro Town neighbor, Gregory Faull. Authorities believe McAfee may be linked to Faull's murder, and police say the antivirus software guru is needed for questioning.

McAfee disputes any connection to the crime, telling the media he believes police seek to torture and kill him.

"They will kill me if they find me,” he told Wired in an earlier interview.

McAfee is offering a $25,000 reward "for the capture of the person or persons responsible for Mr. Faul’s [sic] murder," according to posts on his blog, The Hinterland.

On the blog, McAfee also described steps he has taken to elude capture in Belize. The latest of his preparations includes an elaborate disguise that includes shoving "a shaved down tampon deep into [his] right nostril."

The tampon, died brown at the end, leaves McAfee's nose with "an awkward, lopsided, disgusting appearance," he wrote. Aided by "ragged brown pants" and broken English "with a pronounced Spanish accent," McAfee has apparently spent some time pretending to peddle "small wooden carvings" to tourists.

He says he has adopted other personas as well: a native vendor, selling tamales and burritos (presumably to tourists); and an inebriated German tourist, "with a partially bandaged face and wearing speedo swimming trunks and a distasteful, oversized Hawaiian shirt and yelling loudly at anyone who would listen – 'Leck mich um ausch!'"