11/19/2012 02:58 pm ET

Kid Cudi Loses In Yearlong Child Custody Battle

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Kid Cudi may be on the pursuit of happiness but he is giving up his pursuit to obtain full custody of his daughter, TMZ reports.

The rapper had been entangled in a bitter custody battle with his daughter's mother for over a year. Although the "Day 'N Nite" singer said he bought a house in Chicago in order to be closer to his daughter, his daughter's mother said that his support has been "sporadic and inconsistent" and cites his history with drugs and alcohol as proof of his inability to provide adequate support. She ultimately received full custody, giving the rapper visitation rights.

Cudi is known for his role as Domingo Dean, the down to earth weed dealer/dog walker on the short lived HBO series "How To Make It In America." But unlike his character who cleverly keeps his budding marijuana business low profile Cudi was arrested in 2010 for possesion of a controlled substance.

However, since then Cudi says he has given up smoking weed and released a video for his song 'Marijuana' in late 2010 as a goodbye tribute to his former beloved pasttime.

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