11/19/2012 03:52 pm ET Updated Nov 20, 2012

Kids Say What Thanksgiving Means To Them (VIDEO)

Did you know Thanksgiving was a Jewish holiday originally celebrated by dinosaurs?

Neither did we. But if you're curious about these little-known historical details --or you're looking for a new recipe for "books" -- these kids recently interviewed by will be happy to tell you more.

While some of them are clearly confused about the origins of the holiday and its modern-day traditions, most are fairly certain of what they're thankful for. Among their endearing responses when asked: "That my mommy loves me," "the people that are safe after the hurricane" and "all the things" -- e.g. corn -- "we get to eat because of the Native Americans." (Predictably, one smarty-pants says he's thankful for "getting money.")

When the video concludes with one girl explaining she'd like to invite everyone in the world over for Thanksgiving dinner, it's hard not to smile -- and be extra-thankful for adorable interviews like these.

What are your kids grateful for this year? Ask them -- and let us know in the comments below or tweet their answers to @HuffPostParents.