11/19/2012 03:57 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Lesbian Woman Denied The Right To Adopt Partner's Son (VIDEO)

Adoption laws vary by state, making the process to adopt especially complicated for gay couples. In a segment for HuffPost Live, Cari Searcy told host Nancy Redd how she has been denied the right to adopt her partner’s child in Alabama.

“Either a single person or a married couple can adopt a child in the state of Alabama,” Searcy said. “Since we weren’t legally married, that didn’t give me any option.”

After getting married in California and returning to Alabama with a marriage license, Searcy’s petition was still denied. Redd asked Searcy why her family chooses to remain in Alabama despite these obstacles.

“It is kind of frustrating to get that question. Kim and I both were raised in the south. We’re originally from Texas, small towns in Texas. And we moved here to Mobile about eleven years ago," she said. “Other than the legal ramifications, we have a wonderful life. We’ve got a great house. We both have great careers and family and friends around us. This is our home. We shouldn’t have to move because people don’t understand our family.”

Joining Redd and Searcy in the discussion were Jennifer Chrisler, Executive Director of the Family Equality Council, Zack Wahls, author of “My Two Moms,” Brian Tessier, President of We Hear the Children, and Jennifer Bliss, National Associate Counseling Director of the International Adoption Center.

View the full segment on HuffPost Live.