11/19/2012 04:30 pm ET

Lindsay Lohan May Not Meet Half-Brother To Be Born In January

Lindsay Lohan has told friends that she doesn't want anything to do with her newly confirmed 17-year-old half-sister. However, the troubled star still hasn't made a decision yet on whether she will meet her half-brother, who is due to be born Jan. 31.

“What pisses me off is people say sh*t that isn’t even what she or we say,” father Michael Lohan tells The Huffington Post. “If it’s not from the horse's mouth it means nothing.”

TMZ broke the story that Lindsay is “100% done with the 'circus' that is her father Michael Lohan and does NOT want to meet her half-sister Ashley.”

Michael took a DNA test on national TV, which confirmed he was Ashley’s father last week, years after reports leaked about his affair back in 1995.

“Lindsay is very loyal to her mom Dina and hasn't forgiven Michael for leaking a phone call between them last month,” a friend of the actress tells The Huffington Post. “What makes matters even more complicated about the new baby Michael is expecting in January is that it's with one of her ex-friends, Kate Major.”

Michael Lohan confirmed to The Huffington Post that he and Major are having the baby.

Kate and Lindsay were close enough that in 2007 when Lindsay checked out of rehab at Cirque Lodge, Major was waiting to pick her up.

Lindsay's spokesperson did not respond to calls for comment.



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