11/19/2012 02:54 pm ET

Lupe Fiasco On Nitecap: 'People Die Behind What You Say' (VIDEO)


Back in 06' a Chi-town emcee with a penchant for righteous indignation kicked and pushed his socially conscious fervor to the forefront of pop culture.

A Grammy award - classic albums and public spat with Fox's favorite talking head later - and Lupe Fiasco remains hip hop's man apart.

"I definitely get beat up and I kinda definitely take L's" explained Lupe on his recent trip to headline the U's homecoming festivities. "But I win to, and when I win I win big and I win consistently on my level."

In a genre often scripted in cliches and empty dialogue, Lupe has somehow time and again found a way to revive the pulse to hip hop's conscious heart.

His newest offering "Bitch Bad" is in customary Lupe fashion an examination of that empty dialogue and it's terminal prognosis on young minds.

But even he understands growing up poor on Chicago's west side, how a yearning for cash flow may influence a new starving artist to feed the machine's appetite for degradation.

"For me coming straight from being poor then getting money; initially you splurge," said Lupe. "Then reality hits...then you start to think: 'how much money do I really want'?"

Judging by the raucous sold-out University of Miami homecoming crowd that hung on his every word, Lupe's penchant to view everything with a critical eye resonates with the masses.

Continued Lupe: "You start to realize there's wealth in other avenues. You have a fan base that respects you not just for being a rapper...but they respect you as someone they look upon as being an inspiration."

View part one above, and part two below.

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