11/19/2012 11:11 am ET Updated Nov 19, 2012

Maciej Nowicki, 73, Accused Of Stalking Ex-Wife Brygida Scheffler, 28 - After She Stabs Him

Four months after a 28-year-old Florida trophy wife allegedly stabbed her 73-year-old ex-husband, the old man was charged with stalking her.

Maciej Nowicki is accused of using electronic tracking devices to follow Brygida Scheffler, a buxom blonde beauty of Polish descent.

Scheffler told Deltona deputies that she saw Mowicki camped outside her friend's business when she visited around noon on Thursday. She said that Mowicki "bragged" about planting the trackers in her SUV, the Daytona News-Journal reports.

Scheffler also claims she saw her alleged stalker outside the house where she is living.

The odd couple's marriage unravelled in a bloody mess last July when Nowicki discovered his stunning wife -- 45 years his junior -- sleeping with another man.

Nowicki confronted his spouse, and a fight ensued.

According to the Miami New-Times:

As the two argued, Scheffler grabbed a six-inch kitchen knife and lunged at her elderly husband. He raised his left arm to fend off the attack and was stabbed in the forearm. The knife left a 3/4-inch puncture wound. Nowicki eventually grabbed a golf club to defend himself but did not hit Scheffler.

Police arrived and arrested Scheffler, charging her with aggravated assault on a person older than 65. At the time, the couple was 72 and 27, respectively.

We have been married for 10 years,” Nowicki told HLN. “The last two years my wife somehow wasn’t herself. Age difference is a lesser evil here. If I had money there would be no problems…as far as I know she is living with her lover.”

Last week, Scheffler said she told authorities not to arrest her ex-husband, who is now charged with aggravated stalking.



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