11/19/2012 03:59 pm ET Updated Nov 27, 2012

Marriage Counselor: I Cheated With My Wife's Best Friend And Lived To Tell About It (VIDEO)

During the HuffPost Live segment “Cheaters' Victims: Safeguarding Yourself Against Infidelity,” host Caroline Tehrani explored how cheating affects different relationships. Guest Rick Reynolds, the founder of affairrecovery.com, shared with Redd how he rebuilt the trust in his marriage after cheating on his wife with her best friend.

“The unfaithful spouse needs to be able to take responsibility for what they’ve done,” said Reynolds, who is a marriage counselor. “The hurt spouse needs to find out what’s happened. The way we rebuild trust is, you first have to trust the hurt spouse with the information. That unfaithful mate has to be honest. And ultimately they have to work together.”

Tehrani and Reynolds were joined by HuffPost Divorce Associate Editor Ashley Reich, Dr. Tammy Nelson, licensed psychotherapist and author, Tracy Schorn blogger at Chumplady.com, and Mandy Stadtmiller, Deputy Editor at XOJane.

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