11/19/2012 04:21 pm ET Updated Nov 19, 2012

Mathew Milewski, Miami-Dade Man, Allegedly Beat Beagle Puppy To Death

A Miami man is up on felony charges after allegedly fatally beating a beagle he had bought the day before.

Mathew Milewski, 25, of Sunny Isles, ordered puppy Molly from web site Outback Beagles in November 2011.

Accounts from witnesses and veterinary pathologists piece together horrendous abuse that includes dragging bleeding Molly across a parking lot, whipping her with a leash, and slamming the puppy into something very hard.

A witness told police she could hear yelps and shrieks through her closed glass door seven floors up from the parking lot. She saw a small puppy who was "spread eagle" and "screaming violently" being dragged behind Milewski who was running back and forth, according to the arrest affidavit.

When the puppy appeared to lose consciousness, the witness told police she saw Milewski slap its head to get it to stand up, eventually grabbing the dog by the tail and pulling.

Milewski, who was arrested at his then-residence in Miami Beach, told police he was merely training the dog and that pets "don’t become extremely obedient with rainbows and sugarplums," according to the Miami Herald.

He admitted to pushing the dog in the shower but can't explain how the dog's heart stopped beating in transit from one animal hospital to the next for more treatment.