11/19/2012 10:11 am ET

Miguel Luna Leaves iPad, Car At Los Angeles Burglary Scene, Begs For Forgiveness On VIDEO

iBlew it.

A Los Angeles man suspected of burglary appears to thank his victim on video for letting him leave the scene. But he leaves without his car and iPad.

Miguel Luna, 25, was caught on security video parking at his victim's home and leaving his car to allegedly steal items at the man's house, NBC reports. He tries to leave, but is met by the armed, shirtless owner of the home.

The owner reportedly smacked Luna with a gardening hoe off camera, knocking him unconscious. But the tape shows Luna getting up and thanking the victim, who points toward the street and allows him to leave.

But evidence left at the scene -- including Luna's car, traffic tickets, fingerprints and electronics -- made an ensuing investigation easier for officers, the Los Angeles Times reports.

"This crime scene was really a study in how to get caught," LAPD Lt. Paul Vernon told the paper. "Every manner of evidence was present: Video surveillance, blood DNA from the hoe, pictures on the iPad, footprint on the door, a traffic citation with signature, a car, fingerprints and eyewitness identification."

Despite his mishaps, police haven't found Luna yet, according to the Daily News. They're asking that anyone with information on his whereabouts call Det. William Cooper at 818-838-9866.

Watch the video above to see the crime unfold.



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