11/19/2012 08:53 am ET Updated Nov 19, 2012

Premier Inn Hotel Chain Installs Noise Meters To Target Loud Guests

Airlines have tried to minimize the noise on planes with child-free flights, now a UK hotel is trying to minimize noise by targeting loud guests with noise detectors.

According to the Daily Mail, Premier Inn will be installing noise meters into the hallways of its properties. These meters will be triggered when a certain level of decibels is exceeded, and will remind the offenders to keep their voices down.

The hotel chain is known for offering refunds to customers who did not get a good night's sleep, and enforcing quiet in the hallways is one way it is looking to keep the refund costs down.

Similarly, a few years back, Travelodge hotels in the UK instituted sleep wardens to patrol the hallways and issue warnings to guests "disturbing the peace," NBC News reported.

Noise detectors and sleep wardens are just a couple of ways to deal with the eternal problem of too much noise in hotel corridors. HuffPost Blogger and travel veteran George Hobica proposes having a second door between the hallway door and the room to block out noisy late night revelers. (Of course, that doesn't do much about other gripes like slamming hotel doors, which would be amplified under that plan.)

Hotels have also taken more serious measures to combat noise that might offend their guests. In New York, the Millennium Hilton sued over business lost due to Ground Zero construction noise. The hotel also tried providing guests with white-noise machines and earplugs to mitigate the noise.

For more ways hotels (or you) can ease up on the noise, check out the slideshow below.

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