11/19/2012 11:46 am ET Updated Nov 19, 2012

Sarah Palin 2016? Conservative Pundit Charlotte Allen Thinks That's A Fantastic Idea

Conservative columnist Charlotte Allen says she has the prescription for the GOP's post-election fever: more Sarah Palin.

In an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times, Allen endorses Palin as her choice for the Republican presidential nominee in 2016. On the heels of a bruising Republican loss to President Barack Obama earlier this month, Allen says Palin would perform better than GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney was able to because of her blue-collar persona and ability to appeal to voters' shallowest of sensibilities.

"Palin can more than keep up with the Democrats in appealing to voters' emotions," Allen writes. "Hardly anyone could be more blue collar than Palin, out on the fishing boat with her hunky blue-collar husband, Todd."

And that's not all.

Allen argues that Palin could disarm the Democrats' "war on women" refrain because she's a woman who has daughters. Palin is also anti-gay marriage, but has gay fans, which Allen appears to suggest she could use to build some support in the LGBT arena. And Palin's son is an Iraq war vet, so she's got the "patriot" card down, Allen writes. What's more, Allen writes, Palin is better looking than her potential female opponents.

"Looks count in politics, and Palin at age 48, has it all over her possible competition, including Hillary Rodham Clinton, who will be 69 by election day 2016 and who let someone talk her into adopting the flowing blond locks of a college student, making her look like Brunnhilde in a small-town Wagner production," Allen writes. "Men love Sarah Palin, and she loves men."

By the 2016 presidential election, the former Alaska governor who served only half of a term will have been out of elected office for more than 7 years. But what she's lacking in actual credentials, she makes up for in these other ways, Allen argues.

And Allen isn't the only one getting the inside track on 2016 endorsements. The Buffalo News endorsed Clinton last week, touting her lengthy resume and political experience.

For more on potential female presidential candidates in 2016, check out the slideshow below. For the rest of Allen's reasoning on why Palin should be the GOP's choice, read her entire op-ed at the Times.

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