11/20/2012 04:34 pm ET Updated Nov 21, 2012

Anthony Bourdain's Gawker Q&A Is No-Holds-Barred

The always candid Anthony Bourdain graced Gawker on Tuesday with an no-holds-barred conversation with readers, providing insights ranging from his favorite bourbon (Pappy Van Winkle) to what he was like in college ("I was an angry, self-hating, pretentious, neurotic, drug addled and untrustworthy little shit.").

In addition to that last piece of gold, here are some of our favorite moments from the Q&A:

Fugazidude: What's your favorite vegetarian restaurant?
Anthony Bourdain: India

Kaaaaahhhhn: Tony, big fan, but one question...why the distaste for Germany/German culture?
Bourdain: Im averse to clean, well organized and functioning societies. Just the way I am. I tend towards hot, messy, dysfunctional ones that barely hold together--with spicy food, palm tree, passion.

Emma Carmichael: I went to Vassar, where they still hold you in esteem as a (near) alumnus. How would you describe your time there?
Bourdain: I barely attended class. I was an angry, self-hating, pretentious, neurotic, drug addled and untrustworthy little shit. I was too young for college and I blew any opportunities I might have had there. Can't remember anything but watching films in Steerman's film class (which I liked).

Bourdain dropped some hints about his upcoming show for CNN:

detroitspartan: Detroit, ever been? If so, thoughts? Favorite spots?
Bourdain: Like Detroit a lot. Had some great times there. Hope to do a whole episode on Detroit for CNN.

hellodolly71: what's going to be new/different for you in the CNN show? this is probably a rhetorical question but is there really left to visit?
Bourdain: Sure! A lot of places we've been that we'd like to look at from a completely different perspective. And a lot of places we simply haven't been able to do for security or logistical reasons. I'd love to shoot in Libya. Iran. Congo. Afghanistan. We've barely touched China. Kashmir. .....

He also offered a cryptic answer to a cryptic question from reader treypley, "Do you have an escape plan?" "Yes. Yes I do," answered Bourdain. Might he be referring to any of the three shows in the works right now? We hope not.

And finally, in case you were wondering if Tony preferred acid or mushrooms, he's an acid man. Read the rest of Tony's Q&A here.



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