11/20/2012 07:38 am ET Updated Nov 20, 2012

Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions, Bikini Mishaps And TMI Moments (NSFW)

We hardly bat an eye when serial wardrobe malfunction offender Jennifer Lopez has yet another in-concert nip slip or Miley Cyrus flashes her bra (on days she decides to wear one) for the shutter-happy paparazzi. But when Kate Middleton finds herself at the center of even a near wardrobe malfunction, we can't help but partake in the embarrassment.

From those pesky tarmac gusts that sneak under her modest skirts to photos of her topless and sunbathing that she never thought would catch the light of day, even prim and proper princess Kate has her less than fortunate moments.

But, of course, she's not the only good girl who's had her fair share of bad on-camera moments.

From full-on wardrobe malfunctions -- on land and in water -- to near misses, there are certainly more than a few celebrity caught-on-camera moments that have made us say "eek!"

We're always in favor of an ensemble that pushes the limits (hey, if you've got it flaunt it, right?), but some of these looks are more nerve-racking than jaw-dropping.

Check out these wardrobe malfunctions, bikini mishaps and general TMI moments below:

"Eek!" Inducing Moments