11/20/2012 12:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Chris Paul Dunk: Clippers Point Guard Throws Down vs. Clippers; L.A. Bench Approves (VIDEO)

Chris Paul is involved in a lot of dunks. He sets them up with lob passes. He pushes the ball on the break, leading to transition slams. He frees his teammates to posterize unlucky foes on the pick and roll in the halfcourt. The five-time All-Star does all sorts of things that result in dunks -- usually for Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan.

But rarely is CP3 the one throwing down the dunk.

With the Clippers holding a tenuous 69-63 lead over the San Antonio Spurs on Monday night, Paul got his hand in a passing lane, knocking aside a dispatch from Boris Diaw telegraphed for Patty Mills. Clippers reserve Matt Barnes grabbed the loose ball and threw it ahead to Paul. Ahead of the pack, Paul handled this one on his own, rising for a one-handed slam. As you can see in the video above, Jordan and the Clippers' bench approved the efforts of the civilian-sized point guard.

In the climactic moments of the game, Paul returned to his devastating ground game to close it out. CP3 undressed Tony Parker with a sequence of terrestrial moves that freed him for a game-sealing jumper.