11/21/2012 07:23 am ET

Dr. Brutus Buckeye's 'Beat Michigan' Chemistry Lab Offers Ohio State A Lesson Ahead Of Big Game (VIDEO)

The Ohio State University and the University of Michigan have a college football rivalry going back four decades, one that was once described by ESPN as the greatest rivalry in sports. They schools are set to face off again on Saturday, and in the spirit of the rivalry, Ohio State's mascot did a science experiment in the "Beat Michigan" lab.

In a video uploaded on Monday, Dr. Brutus Buckeye uses skills he learned from Professor Matthew W. Stoltzfus's chemistry class to show how Ohio State will beat Michigan this weekend, turning chemicals the color of the Wolverines' maize and blue to Buckeye red and white. The video even got a shout out from the university's president:

Check out the video above. Any Michigan fans got a rebuttal?