11/20/2012 12:00 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jared Cano Recorded Video Describing Bomb Plans For Tampa High School (VIDEO)

The teen awaiting sentencing for plotting to blow up his former school recorded cellphone videos in which he described whom he'd kill and whom he'd spare.

Prosecutors in Tampa released four video of Jared Cano, who at 17 planned a massacre on the first day of class in August 2011 at his former high school, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

The clips show Cano leafing through his bomb and shooting plot in a notebook and smoking marijuana as he explains that he looks forward to dying, ABC Action News reported.

"For those of you retards who don't know who I am, I'm the Freedom High School shooter in Tampa, Florida. Well I will be in a couple months," Cano says.

Pointing the cellphone camera at his notebook, Cano shows a sketch of the school's layout and where he planned to detonate explosives.

"My plan is to set a bomb here at point A, here at point B, point C and point D. Then I got to get to the side entrance of the school by 7:24. The bombs blow at 7:26," he says.

He specifies two teachers that he hopes to kill and names one to save "I've got to make sure he doesn't die, because I like him."

After the explosions, he said he'd reenter the school armed with guns stashed nearby to continue the killing.

A friend alerted police to Cano's scheme. They raided the home where he lived with his divorced mother and arrested him after finding bomb-making materials, like fuses, plastic tubing, shrapnel and timers.

After pleading no contest in October, Cano will be sentenced in December to as many as 30 years in prison, according to Bay News 9.

More than a year before police foiled the alleged bomb plot, Cano was arrested for possessing a stolen gun. He's also been charged, but never convicted, of burglary. At age 13, he was arrested for allegedly stealing CDs from a car.

Freedom High School officials expelled Cano in 2010.

Had Cano succeeded at his deadly plot, he said in the video that no one should criticize his family.

"Don't blame my parents, 'cause my mom didn't do anything," he said, according to WTSP.

He also refused to accept responsibility, however.

"Did I choose to think like this? No. That's just how I am."



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