11/20/2012 01:01 pm ET

Jessica Biel's Spa Date Gone Wrong: Actress Sandwiched Between 'Butt Naked' Men Before Wedding To Justin Timberlake

If you thought Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake's wedding was perfect, think again.

In an appearance on "The Late Show with David Letterman" last night (Nov. 19), Biel revealed that her secretive, pre-nuptial spa vacation in Austria went terribly, terribly wrong.

"You can’t really keep [a wedding] a secret, but we wanted to keep most of it a secret, at least up until it actually happened," the "Hitchcock" star told Letterman of her and Timberlake's plan. "So, I kind of got quite obsessed with this CIA operative scheme I put in play right before the wedding."

This "scheme" started off with Biel asking a girlfriend to "sneak off" to this "obscure Alpine lodge in Austria" to throw off the media, considering she was already in Europe working. But this spa date turned out to be scary rather than relaxing.

"It was supposed to be a relaxing, Zen-like kind of place," Biel said, continuing her story. " We're in the spa, in the sauna, and in walked two husky Austrian men," she explained. "OK, I thought, this is a little unusual but we're in Europe … I didn't really know what the protocol was so I just laid there, frozen in my bikini and my robe and my towel and my slippers and they drop their towels -- they are butt naked!"

At this point Biel, who is sitting uncomfortably in between the "old, husky men," freaks out and goes into panic mode.

"They were naked and I'm in the middle of them! I look over and I realize, yes it is confirmed, there are balls on wood! Not just naked, but balls on wood, Dave!" the 30-year-old actress yelled.

"I was so stunned," she continued. "I was having this internal conniption! I just laid there sandwiched in between [them]."

Later, Biel and her friend discovered the men's actions were "very normal." Although, we're sure Mr. Timberlake got a kick out of it!

Watch Jessica's hilarious interview above.



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