11/20/2012 10:47 am ET

Krysten Ritter Once Put Cockroaches In Her Roommate's Suitcase (VIDEO)

It turns out that Krysten Ritter might have a few things in common with her crazy character Chloe on "Don't Trust The B---- In Apartment 23." At the very least, Ritter has some real-life experience antagonizing a bad roommate in a creatively horrible way.

Ritter told a story on "The Talk" Monday about her days rooming in an apartment with several models. One of them apparently had it out for her, and tried to get her kicked out. So Ritter cooked up a plot that Chloe would have been proud of: she gathered up some cockroaches and put it in her roommate's suitcase before she headed home for the holidays.

"I had this crazy idea to capture some roaches and put them in her suitcase," Ritter admitted.

“You really are the B in the apartment!” Julie Chen exclaimed.

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