11/20/2012 10:11 am ET

Robin Roberts Health Update: 'It's A New Beginning' (VIDEO)

Robin Roberts updated viewers on her health and discussed the death of her mother during an interview with her sister Sally-Ann for New Orleans' WWL-TV. A portion of the interview aired on Tuesday's "Good Morning America."

Roberts taped the interview on Friday from the hospital. "I have to admit...I thought we would be doing [this interview] in my home. We're here in the hospital, just a little tune-up, check under the hood, kick the tires a little bit," Roberts said. The "GMA" co-host was briefly hospitalized because a common latent virus was not responding to medication.

It has been 61 days since Roberts received a bone marrow transplant to treat a rare blood and bone marrow disorder, MDS. Sally-Ann donated her bone marrow to her sister. Because the transplant wipes the immune system, the first 100 days are crucial to Roberts' recovery as her body rebuilds itself.

Speaking of getting her transplant, Roberts said, "When I think of that moment and what it was like, you can say rebirth, to be reborn. It's a new beginning. It's like you gave me life...You gave me life. And I look at it as a clean slate and how many people can say at this point in their life that they get a do over? That they get a chance to start again? And that's how I feel, that in many ways I am starting again."

Roberts turned from discussing her health and the support she's received to discussing the death of her mother. Roberts' mother passed away days before she entered the hospital to receive the transplant. "I truly believe that she knew that she was not able to do the work that she wanted to do as mom here in her physical vessel. And so she found a way to be with me," Roberts said while fighting back tears.

"I have felt the prayers, I have felt people lifting me up," she said.