11/21/2012 02:01 pm ET

Darryl Blue, Chelsi Edwards Fired After Autistic Boy Choked On Bus (VIDEO)

Two school district employees are now jobless after an autistic boy was choked on a school bus.

Broward County Public Schools fired bus attendant Darryl Blue and driver Chelsi Edwards at a meeting Tuesday night, reports Local 10.

Blue was charged with aggravated child abuse after manhandling 13-year-old Moises Mancebo earlier this month, allegedly choking him in his harness after the teen urinated on himself.

Caught on surveillance camera, the bus aide and driver were recorded laughing and joking while Moises wailed, "You're hurting me!"

The incident left the child shaken and mother outraged.

"He can't sleep, he's acting out, he's afraid [now]," said the child's mother Bertis Paulino. "Sometimes I come up to him and he [raises his arms] like I'm going to hit him."

If Blue is convicted on the child abuse charge, he could face up to 30 years in prison.