11/21/2012 02:42 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

HuffPost Gay Voices Readers Share Their Thoughts On The Elmo Scandal

News of Kevin Clash, voice of Sesame Street's beloved character Elmo, being accused of having sex with underaged young men has taken news outlets and dinner tables alike by storm. Many of you have already chimed in with your thoughts on this situation and we've appreciated your feedback.

One theme that we noticed in comments and tweets from our community is the question of whether Clash's sexuality and the gender of his accusers have only fanned the flames of this already high profile scandal. It got us thinking about the implications of this case. So we turned to our Twitter family and asked:

Do you think because these accusations involve gay men, it's made the coverage more salacious? Is Kevin Clash's sexuality affecting people's responses?

Below we've rounded up just a few of our Twitter followers' thoughts. Check out what they had to say and share your own thoughts in the comment section. We've also shared our favorite tweet of the day below the slideshow.

Gay Voices Readers Talk Elmo

Of the hundreds of responses we received today, this was our favorite comment: