11/21/2012 07:15 am ET Updated Nov 21, 2012

'Flipping Out': Jeff Lewis And Jenni Pulos Try Therapy To Work Through Their Issues (VIDEO)

With Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos's legal drama making headlines, now it looks like fans will get to see how things got to that point on "Flipping Out." This week, Jenni had taken up a client’s offer for an all-expenses-paid trip to Cabo.

The problem is that she never told Jeff she accepted the offer, and as expected, he didn't take it very well. He called Jenni a moocher who didn’t know her place, and said he could no longer trust her.

They actually tried therapy to try and work through their issues, and the therapist gave them a warning about their deteriorating relationship. "If you continue with the relationship as it is, it will get worse, you will hurt each other much worse, and you won’t have a business relationship or a friendship. It will end abruptly and cruel. You will both be hurting each other."

Jeff responded by saying they were getting to that point. And it looks like they now have: Jeff suing Jenni over a tell-all book she’s writing, claiming she breached a confidentiality agreement.

Watch the drama play out on "Flipping Out" ever Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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