11/21/2012 03:39 pm ET

What HuffPost Food Is Thankful For

One great thing about working for HuffPost Food is that when we're not talking about the stories we're writing, we're probably talking about what restaurant we went out to, or what we cooked for dinner last night. We're thankful for the fact that we get to write about what we love, and that when the workday ends, we're never tired of the subject matter. We're thankful too, that readers share this passion, and they like to read about topics we find so fascinating. In the office, we've been known to argue about if we prefer bone marrow cut length-wise or cross-wise, and have lengthy discussions on the glory of pig ears. We're also not above diving into some fast food french fries.

In honor of Thanksgiving, we've rounded up a few of the dishes, restaurants and other assorted scraps that have made us really thankful for such a vibrant food culture in the United States. We wish everyone a great Thanksgiving and let's raise our glasses to some especially good food.

-Carey, Joe & Rachel

What HuffPost Food Is Thankful For