11/21/2012 10:42 am ET

Joanna Krupa, Romain Zago Engagement Off: Model And 'Real Housewives' Star Splits From Fiance

Model and "Real Housewives of Miami" star Joanna Krupa has called off her engagement to Miami club impresario Romain Zago after more than five years of waiting to walk down the aisle.

“We got in a huge fight, and I just pretty much got fed up with it,” Krupa told In Touch of calling off her engagement. “He loves me to death, he wants to be with me, but there’s something that’s holding him from committing 100 percent." She adds that, without a wedding date set, she doesn't feel like things will ever change.

Zago told a different story. “I don’t know if it’s over forever but I’m pretty pissed,” he said to In Touch. “She is traveling all over the place anyway. There is no way anyone can be with her like this. That’s her choice."

The 33-year-old PETA activist's rocky relationship with Zago has played out in front of the Bravo "RHOM" cameras. The two have had fights about her busy schedule, her younger sister Marta, their upcoming nuptials and a lack of sex.

Krupa admits her career has put a strain on the relationship. “I think that’s also a big issue for him because obviously he would want us under one roof, but I’m a businesswoman. I can’t give up and sacrifice my career, my future for a man, especially being engaged for so many years," she told Celebuzz.

In a Sept. 20 blog post, Krupa discussed her engagement, explaining how she has always wanted her freedom and didn't want to be a "typical housewife," but it is now or never.

"I was happy being engaged, but now I feel that after so many years I need to put my foot down and finally start planning the wedding or break up and move on," she wrote. "It’s not that my career is any less important to me now and that’s why I am more ready, but more that I feel after five years you just have to make that commitment. Otherwise another five years will go by and I may have regrets."

Whatever happens in her love life, one thing Krupa does not regret is signing onto "Housewives" for Season 2. "I don't have any regrets," she told E! News. "You live and learn. Miami is just another platform in my career, and I appreciate it."



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