11/21/2012 01:05 pm ET

Lindsay Lohan Jay Leno Interview: Actress Says She's Still A Kid At Age 26 (VIDEO)

Lindsay Lohan sat down with Jay Leno for another awkward interview.

In addition to explaining why she canceled on Barbra Walters -- if you can call that an explanation -- Lohan made a comment that pretty much explains everything every problem she's run into in the last six years:

At the ripe old age of 26, Lohan believes she's still a kid.

Lohan has been working since she was 3-year-old and maintains that she loves acting. When asked if in the past she ever felt like she wanted to take time off to enjoy her childhood, she responded:

"I think there was a point in my life ... it was more recent than earlier on, but I kinda am still a kid, in a way." she told Leno. "I'm 26."

Sadly, Leno didn't follow up her answer by asking if she is delusional, because we're not sure in what world a 26-year-old is still a kid -- especially when many of her peers (who haven't become train wrecks) including Hilary Duff, Ashlee Simpson, and Nicole Richie all have families and are living adult lives, with adult responsibilities.

The "Liz & Dick" star recently told Us Weekly that she wants to be known as an actress and not a troubled starlet, claiming she's ready for a comeback: "People can think what they want, and the only thing I can do is prove them wrong," she said.

But it's becoming more apparent that she's nowhere near ready for a comeback. Just last week she told "Good Morning America" that she likes to learn from her mistakes. It's an eye-roll inducing statement that's canned as ever given that Lohan just admitted she still thinks of herself as a child, which basically means she doesn't think she's responsible for her actions.

The enigma that is Lindsay Lohan has now been solved.

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