11/21/2012 03:29 pm ET

Miley Cyrus' Short Hair Is Here To Stay: 'I Could Never See Myself With Long, Long Hair Again' (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus shocked fans when she decided to chop off her long, brown hair and bleach it blond.

But Cyrus, who's been sporting her platinum pixie cut since August, doesn't plan on ever growing out her locks -- she's loving her new look.

“I’ve wanted to cut my hair forever,” Cyrus, who turns 20 on Nov. 23, told Australia’s Daily Telegraph in an interview. “About six years ago, we did an episode ["Hannah Montana"] where they made my hair look like Twiggy, and ever since I saw that, I’ve wanted to do it. But it was just getting the guts to take a razor and know that your hair doesn’t grow back overnight.”

“It’s not the cutting it that scares you,” she continued. “It’s the growing it out. But it’s so worth it. I could never see myself with long, long hair again. It was so much maintenance. This is so easy! It’s so nice.”

Something else that Liam Hemsworth's fiancée is enjoying is being back in the recording studio, where she's working on her new album, due out next year.

"[I want] to continue to make music that people really love but, that I really am proud of," Cyrus explained, adding that she wants to be known for "not what I was, but something I’m becoming and something that I’m changing [into.]"

"I think it’s fun," Cyrus says of her new image. "People are seeing me in a different way."



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