11/21/2012 04:07 am ET Updated Nov 21, 2012

'New Girl': Jamie Lee Curtis And Rob Reiner Play Jess' Divorced Parents, Who Still Have Great Chemistry (VIDEO)

So how did Jess become the way she is on "New Girl"? The show introduced her divorced parents for its Thanksgiving episode to offer up some insight. Rob Reiner and Jamie Lee Curtis showed great chemistry in the roles, enjoying a little bit of frisky time on more than one occasion.

Jess tried to sort of "Parent Trap" them -- which in this case meant tricking them into showing up at the same time and then trying to orchestrate a rekindling of their feelings for one another. After Jess and Nick accidentally sprayed turkey juice all over her father, her mother stepped in to clean it up.

But once in the bathroom, one thing proved true. They may not have the same feelings for one another, but they clearly have the same passions. Jess mistakenly thought this meant her "Trap" worked, so they had to clear the air. At least they seemed able to get along, which is an improvement over how they used to be.

And they hooked up again in the elevator on the way out. They're still probably not getting back together, but man, they've still got that chemistry.

The sophomore season of "New Girl" rolls on every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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