11/21/2012 03:59 pm ET Updated Dec 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Survival: 8 Brilliant Responses To 'When Are You Getting Married?'

Everyone is seated around a bounteous Thanksgiving feast. The turkey has been carved. Toasts have been made. It's all going so well... until someone at the table decides it's time to "spice this conversation up."

In a sequence of events that seems to proceed in slow motion, your least favorite cousin or the aunt you've never quite trusted homes in on you. Then in front of everyone, he or she asks you the question single women have been forced to answer at Thanksgiving since there were wayward pilgrim daughters bizarrely uninterested in arranged matrimony:

"Sooo...when are you getting married?"

If you happen to be dating someone, the moment may not be as awkward, but if your significant other is also seated at the table, and there is no engagement in sight, that may be even worse.

The only way to handle this scenario is to accept the possibility that it will happen -- to you -- and have a range of responses prepared. Below are eight replies we wish we'd had ready when it happened to us.


9 Responses To 'When Are You Getting Married?'