11/21/2012 12:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Zeebly's Social Me App Digs Deep Into Your Facebook Secrets To Tell You Things Even You Didn't Know

How many words do you think you've typed on Facebook since activating your account?

According to Zeebly's Social Me analysis app, since 2005 I've penned 1,036 status updates and written 15,202 words. The app tells me that this is almost double the length of the entire U.S. Constitution.

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zeebly social me

Zeebly launched in August 2012, creating a patent pending system that sifts through copious amounts of Facebook data we've gleefully been uploading for years.

"Using a technology called machine learning, we are able to take those stories and pull out the characteristics that represent the key elements of each of our personalities," the company blog states. "We then represent this information in a fun and educational way, revealing your personality through pictures by creating an infographic."

As the site searches your previous status updates and personal data, quick moving information streams across the webpage. You may even catch a glimpse of some sappy post from years of yore (like that song you quoted at high school graduation).

So what conclusions does the Social Me analysis make about your profile?

The data will illustrate when you most often post to Facebook, the style of writing you use for these messages, the number of status updates posted per month, you most popular moments on Facebook - and much more.

Below is snapshot of some of the information gathered from my own profile, per Zeebly:

zeebly social me


zeebly social me

From my perspective, the majority of the assumptions made by the Social Me analysis were correct. For example, the service states that I'm "extroverted" and use more dashes in my writing that 91 percent of the Facebook population -- which doesn't surprise me one bit.

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