11/22/2012 08:43 am ET

Army-Family Thanksgiving: A Pre-Deployment Home Movie

The new OWN docu-series "Married to the Army: Alaska" may have gotten off to a rocky start with some discord among the wives, but this exclusive home video footage from army wife Rynn Randall's family depicts a different vibe, with unity at the forefront.

In the video -- shot just five days before Maj. Casey Randall deployed to Afghanistan for 10 months -- the family sits down for an intimate Thanksgiving dinner. After the meal is set, a roundtable of thanksgiving ensues, demonstrating just how different army life really is. While other Americans may be giving thanks for family, health and happiness, this army family gives thanks for things that are more unique.

"I'm thankful… that the deployment is only 10 months," begins Rynn, "because 10 months is a lot easier than 12 months."

MacKenzie, the Randalls' only daughter, expresses gratitude for her extended family, missing them now more than ever due to the geographical distance that comes with being stationed in Alaska.

Perhaps most poignantly of all, Casey expresses gratitude for serving as a major in the U.S. Army. "I'm thankful for a good job," he says. "There are a lot of people in the world who go to jobs that they hate… In my job, every day I'm challenged; every day I learn something new. I work with people who are inspiring… and it takes us to cool places."

Tune in to OWN on Sunday, Nov. 25 at 10 p.m. ET for an all-new episode of "Married to the Army: Alaska," and watch as the women face the unthinkable: a communications blackout that indicates someone in the brigade has been killed in action.