11/22/2012 07:41 am ET Updated Nov 22, 2012

'Survivor: Philippines': Abi's Personality Is Driving Everyone In The Tribe Crazy (VIDEO)

Last week on "Survivor: Philippines," Skupin flipped on his original tribe, pushing them from the top of the pecking order to the bottom. This week, he convinced Lisa to join him in a new alliance of six, leaving Abi and Pete alone on the other side. Abi, who was described this episode as having the social graces of a mack truck, didn't take it too well.

After winning a reward challenge, she gloated to excess, and then declared that she was done cooking. Oh, and she would not stop talking. She interrupted everyone, though this is nothing new. So the alliance of six decided target her and Pete. In hopes of flushing out her Immunity Idol, they split their vote.

Pete talked with Skupin about trying to flip back and vote Malcolm -- who also had an Immunity Idol -- out and Skupin considered it. In the end, he stayed loyal, which was a good thing as Malcolm did not play his Idol.

Everyone ripped into Abi, telling her hard truths about her behavior and attitude, reducing her to tears. Of course, she played her Idol, thus sending Pete out of the game.

See who gets voted out next on "Survivor: Phillippines," Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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