11/23/2012 11:53 am ET

Annoying Facebook Friends: 7 Reasons Why People Don't 'Like' Your Posts

Don't you hate uploading a post to Facebook, only to have absolutely no one comment on your well-thought-out witticisms?

Maybe (just maybe) people don't like your Facebook updates because those rants, raves and ridiculous statuses annoy a huge majority of the digital population. In fact, a Mashable user poll taken during the 2012 election noted that nearly 47 percent of responders admitted to "unfriending" at least one acquaintance because of political posts. Heck, with all the time we're spending on Facebook these days, we've all probably committed a faux pas or two. Or three...

Nielsen research on Facebook usage habits found that Americans spend approximately eight hours a month on the social network. In another study, the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media discovered people's main motive for "stalking" online acquaintances is out of sheer boredom. But even the very bored and the very social can't find it in their hearts to click "Like" on certain posts.

In the slideshow below, we've laid out a few Facebook no-nos that can really grate on people's nerves. From obnoxious, opinionated messages to wall post resembling spam -- these are the seven reasons why you might not be so popular on Facebook.

Are there people you absolutely can't stand to follow on this digital platform? Sound off in the comments section or tweet us at [@HuffPostTech]. Then, read on to learn about the "Ten Commandments" of Facebook.

7 Reasons Why People Don't 'Like' Your Facebook Post