11/23/2012 08:11 am ET Updated Nov 27, 2012

Black Friday 2012: Songs For Waiting And Shopping (PLAYLIST)

For those who dare to perform in the sometimes deadly event that is Black Friday, two skills are required: standing in line, and elbowing one's way through merchandise (with hopefully no stampedes in between). With that in mind, we put together a Spotify playlist of two minds. Written by Leonard Cohen, Jonathan Richman, and more scribes up to the task, half the songs deal with the slow burn of having to wait; the other half tackle the questionable joy that comes from buying bagfuls of merchandise. Now get your headphones on and find some bargains. All we can say is: watch your step.

What are you doing this Black Friday? Are you scrambling to find deals, are you protesting in solidarity with Walmart workers, or are you staying home and participating in Buy Nothing Day? Let us know in the comments section below.