11/24/2012 01:44 pm ET

Michael O'Kane, Irish Daily Star Editor, Resigns Over Kate Middleton Topless Photos

An Irish newspaper editor resigned on Saturday over his title's publication of the notorious topless photos of Kate Middleton.

Michael O'Kane had been suspended as editor of the Irish Daily Star since September, after the paper ran pictures of Middleton taken while she was on holiday in France. The publication of the pictures in Ireland, France and elsewhere provoked a massive outcry in the British media, where every paper refused to print them. More pertinently for O'Kane, the Star was partially owned by British media mogul Richard Desmond, who threatened to shut the paper down completely after it ran the photos.

On Saturday, the Star announced that O'Kane had left for good. "As a result of the publication on 15 September 2012, issues arose with the shareholders of Independent Star Limited," the paper said in a statement. "Having considered those issues in tandem with Mr O'Kane, it is Mr O'Kane's decision to resign as editor of the Irish Daily Star, effective immediately."



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