11/24/2012 02:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Turkey Testicle Festival Serves Up 1,200 Pounds Of 'Hot Nuts' During Illinois Thansgiving Tradition (VIDEO)

Tastes just like chicken? Workers at the Parkside Pub in Huntley, Illinois were slaving over deep-fryers Wednesday serving the hungry hordes looking to dine on some delicious turkey testicles.

The pub's 30th annual Turkey Testicle Festival served up close to 1,200 pounds of the unconventional delicacy, according to the Northwest Herald.

Pub co-owner Jeff Lovell said he shipped in the nuts from a farm in Michigan. About an inch to inch-and-a-half long before they're cooked, they take a few days to thaw out.

"It's obviously a product I want to sell out of. I don't order extra," Lovell told the Northwest Herald. "It is similar to cooking chicken. The biggest comparison we get is they [taste] like a deep fried mushroom.

It was a perfect day to eat some "hot nuts," reports the Daily Herald. And with the temperatures peaking in the mid-50s Lovell was hoping to break last year’s attendance record of 4,400 visitors.

They’re not so much a delicacy as a dare food, the Daily Herald noted. The testicles can taste better with ranch dressing or Tabasco sauce. But as this video from a past Turkey Testicle Festival proves, many people seem to genuinely enjoy the nuggets.

The doors opened at 11:00 a.m. this year, with testicles being served until midnight. The $10 admission price goes to local charities.

For a turkey testicle recipe, you can go to the Daily Mail's website.



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