11/25/2012 09:45 am ET

'Married To The Army: Alaska': What Being a Soldier's Wife Is Like (VIDEO)

In the latest episode of "Married to the Army: Alaska," the colonel's wife, Yolanda Goins, silently endures her own emotions. With her husband -- the brigade's commander, Col. Morris Goins -- coping with the fact that two soldiers have been killed in action, Yolanda has a much-needed visit with Cameron, their only son. But when Cameron -- who is training at the U.S. Military Academy to become a soldier himself -- gives Yolanda some unsettling news, she somberly awaits her husband's call to discuss it.

"When I get the call from [my husband] and he says, 'Rough day, babe, rough day,' I'm not bringing up anything," she says. "He doesn't need to know that Cameron wants to propose [to his girlfriend] in November and I'm really bothered by it. That's one less thing for him to worry about."

Yolanda puts her feelings aside as a part of what she feels is her duty as an army wife. Will the rest of the wives be able to do the same when some of them face their own husbands, who are coming home for R&R?

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