11/26/2012 01:17 pm ET Updated Jul 28, 2014

Daniel Hernandez Jr., Gabrielle Giffords' Heroic Intern, Talks Life After Shooting

This week, we caught up with Daniel Hernandez Jr., who was lauded for his heroism after he rushed to help former Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords after she was shot outside a Tucson, Ariz., grocery store nearly two years ago. The former intern to Giffords looks back at the shooting and tells us what lies ahead for him.

1) We are approaching the two-year anniversary of the shooting in Arizona that left six people dead and former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords critically wounded. How has the experience of being there — seeing that sort of violence and death firsthand — impacted your life? Is it something you think about on a daily basis?

Having been involved in the Jan. 8 tragedy has changed my perspective. Many things which seemed vitally important Jan. 7, 2011 now seem trivial. It was a life changing event at 20 years old to go from college junior and intern to being live on “This Week” with Ms. Amanpour discussing the tragedy where six people were brutally murdered. While I think about it often I’ve found that as time has gone on I think less about the specifics of the 8th of January and more about what it means to be able to take such a traumatic incident and try and find positives.

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