11/27/2012 08:33 am ET

Jrue Holiday Ad Fail: 76ers Promote 'Drew Holiday' Jersey On Website

By Rafael Canton, Complex Sports

Jrue Holiday is averaging career highs in points and assists. Yesterday, he had an incredible 33 point, 13 assist performance, so it would make sense that the Philadelphia 76ers would want to start promoting Holiday's jersey with no Andrew Bynum around. Unfortunately, someone spelled the name the way it sounds and we ended up with an ad that's a #fail on all levels.

The advertisement was noticed by someone who screen-grabbed it and tweeted it to Sixers CEO Adam Aron. Soon after, the ad was taken down.

How is Drew Jrue going to make an All-Star team if his own team can't spell his own name right? Can't wait to see the star Drew Holiday in the Mid-Season NBA classic!

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[via Deadspin]



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