11/27/2012 03:48 pm ET Updated Jan 30, 2013

Leandro Schiavi, Argentine Soccer Player, Banned 6 Years For Kicking Referee In The Head

An Argentine soccer player has been handed a fittingly severe punishment after he brutally attacked an official during a match earlier this month.

According to Yahoo! Sports, the incident occurred after referee Dario Fuenes handed Leandro Schiavi his second yellow card in the 17th minute of a Torneo 6 Ligas cup match between Club Jorge Newbery and Huracán de Arribeños. Schiavi and several of his teammates swarmed Fuenes and pinned him to the ground while the players punched him repeatedly. Schiavi connected on the worst blow, viciously kicking Fuenes in the head while he lay on the field. He and two of his teammates were served with six-year bans, while four others were suspended for one year, as reported by ESPN Deportes.

Sports officials are often the target of ire by players and coaches alike. Back in October, a South Florida youth football coach was arrested on a battery charge after he responded to an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty by assaulting the referee. Similarly, in June, two soccer players were being sought by police for allegedly punching a referee in the back of the head.