11/26/2012 05:55 pm ET Updated Nov 27, 2012

'Milking' The Latest Internet Fad, In All Its Dairy Absurdity (VIDEO)

Forget those One Direction kiddies, the hottest thing to come out of the United Kingdom could be "milking" -- the totally bizarre act of pouring an entire jug of milk on your head.

Because when you've got a camera, some spare time and a desire to do strange things in public places, nothing is out of bounds.

In the milking YouTube video that started the commotion, bored college students dairy deviants in Newcastle, England, purchase milk, stand in a random spot, then empty the entire milk jug over their heads.

Once the first video started racking up views, the students decided to milk the stunt for all it's worth. "We didn't expect a reaction this large, the video was initially intended for our friends," student and "milkman" George Hoyland explained to the Daily Mail.

The milking trend has since spread across the U.K. While media coverage so far has skimmed the deeper issues the stunt brings to the surface, others are keen to cry over the spilled milk.

Reader kamaal786 writes on the Sun's website: "There are people in this world dying of starvation and hunger, then we have educated idiots who have no excuse... wasting milk by pouring it over themselves?"

Offensive or not, there's no question the trend is (drumroll, please) lactose intolerant.

Here's a milking how-to:

Milking: How To Do It And Some Suggestions

WATCH the original milking video, below: