11/26/2012 05:45 am ET Updated Nov 26, 2012

'Revenge' Thanksgiving: Victoria's Mother Is Even More Horrible Than She Is (VIDEO)

"Revenge" celebrated Thanksgiving this week, but it wasn't Thanksgiving 2012. Instead, the show jumped back to 2006, when Emily was first planning her revenge on the family that killed her father. It also gave viewers a chance to spend some quality time with Victoria Grayson's mother, Marion. And if you thought Victoria was mean ...

Hollywood Life wrote that "Marion took the crown for biggest b*tch in town," which is quite a feat considering the other contenders on this show.

"You drove a wedge between me and every man I ever loved!" Marion told her daughter. "I should've listened to your deadbeat father. Gotten rid of you before you were even born!"

There were glimpses into key moments for other castmembers, like Nolan having to explain where half a billion dollars from NolCorp went. Also, viewers saw the first meeting between Aiden and Emily, while she was posing as a prostitute.

As for that Thanksgiving dinner, it turned out to be a huge revenge plot of its own orchestrated by Victoria against her mother for years of terrible behavior. The dysfunction in this family runs deep.

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