11/26/2012 04:09 pm ET Updated Nov 27, 2012

Romantic Proposal: Reddit User Hangs 100 LED Lights From Tree (PHOTOS)

Marriage proposals don't get much more romantic than this, folks.

On Monday, Reddit user Clinton Caudle posted photos of his LED-lit marriage proposal to his girlfriend, Huntley Alyce Edwards, in a thread titled, "Last week I proposed to my girlfriend of 3 years and this is how I did it. I had to wait for her to stop crying before I could even ask her to marry me."

Caudle wrote that he and a few friends spent four to five hours cutting wire and attaching it to more than 100 mason jars. The day of the proposal, they went to Edwards' family farm and spent another five hours placing LED lights inside the jars and hanging them from her favorite tree.

"We had to turn them on as we hung them so I was a little worried that the tree would burn down or that they would be out of battery by the time my girlfriend and I drove back out. But things as they were, we got there after sunset and it was more beautiful than I had even expected it to be," Caudle wrote.

Edwards said "yes," and wrote that she was surprised about the tree, but not the proposal.

"To be honest he's not really a romantic guy...or I thought he wasn't," she wrote. "He has obviously proven he can be very romantic. All the more reason to say yes!"

Check out photos of Caudle and Edwards' engagement in the slideshow below

Clinton and Huntley's Wedding Proposal

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