11/27/2012 02:58 pm ET Updated Nov 29, 2012

Chris Bosh 'Stars' In Bleeding Palm's Borscht Short 'Adventures Of Christopher Bosh In The Multiverse' (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

In 1984, Chris Bosh was exiled on planet Earth from the planet Zorg-nok 7. Here on Earth, he is the keeper of the Great Sword of Gorg-Dak-Tox, gifted to him by an inter-dimensional star prince. He is also a successful basketball player. All life is real.

Or so goes the lore behind the 'Adventures Of Christopher Bosh In The Multiverse,' a short animated film produced for Miami's upcoming Borscht Film Festival by Ronnie Rivera of the art collective Bleeding Palm.

Watch the trailers above and below.

"The film is basically what everybody already knows about how Chris Bosh is a disgraced space prince from another reality who saved the human race from that evil space sorceress that one time," Rivera told HuffPost Miami. "Dude is still trying to live off of that."

Playing the evil space sorceress is Jillian Mayer, Borscht filmmaker of 'I Am Your Grandma' fame, side-kicked by her pet Chihuahua Shivers. Other Miami Heat players like Mike Miller make an (animated) cameo as does Eddie Murphy as a sword-wielding merman.

"This film was originally commissioned by Chris Bosh," Rivera jokes. "He walked away after he saw the film wasn't coming out the way he wanted. I personally would have made a movie about manatees and not some insane egotistical docudrama about I don't even know what anymore."

In the 12-minute, neon-hued, tripped-out film, Barfar the Wolfman Mystic guides Bosh on his journey into our reality. "Bosh's main obstacle is himself. He lives outside of our problems until he is forced to deal with our world," Rivera explains.

Why is Bosh the superhero and not say, oh, King James? "Chris Bosh can only be appreciated when contextualized outside of the basketball court. Bosh is celestial, his time is near. Udonis Haslem is my spirit animal," Rivera writes.

'Adventures' will have a preview screening on December 14 at the free Bosh Film Festival, the experimental component of the Borscht FIlm Festival. Get more details here -- and purchase tickets for the Borscht Film Festival December 15 here.

Check out Bleeding Palm's collection of Chris Bosh gifs below the teaser.



Bleeding Palm's Animated Bosh Gifs