11/27/2012 04:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Burqa Art: Naneci Yurdagül's 'Burquoi' Exhibition Forces Visitors To Veil Themselves (PHOTOS)

Most everyone seems to have an opinion on the burqa, a type of garment worn in public by some observant Muslim women. But many who debate the ethics surrounding the controversial veil have likely never worn one. Artist Naneci Yurdagül is out to change that.

burqa art exhibition

Yurdagül's upcoming exhibition at the Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden in Germany requires viewers wear a burqa while in attendance. The artist, who was born and still lives in Germany, aims to address topics of national and religious identity by forcing his viewers to become a part of the installation. "I consider myself a Free Artist -- Bildhauer [but] I was raised as a patchwork -- partly Protestant, partly Muslim," Yurdagül wrote in an e-mail to The Huffington Post.

Only one room doesn't follow the burqa regulations -- a "Pop Shop" in the style of Keith Haring. In this meeting point for commerce and art, the secular and the religious, Yurdagül asks his viewers to choose their allegiance, or at least contemplate the options. However, in the adjoining "Hall of Mirrors," which you can see in the slideshow below, viewers will directly confront their veiled selves.

Tell us readers: what do you think of this exhibition? Is the artist onto something here or is this just a publicity stunt?

"Burquoi" will run until December 16 at the Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden in Germany.

Naneci Yurdagul