11/27/2012 05:03 pm ET

David O. Russell Reacts To His Spirit Awards Nomination And Possibly Working With Matt Damon

Earlier on Tuesday, "Silver Linings Playbook" -- the shockingly sweet (at least for a David O. Russell directed film) comedy-drama starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper -- was nominated for five Independent Spirit Awards, including a Best Director nod for David O. Russell. We spoke to Russell shortly after the nominations were announced for his reaction and to have a (much) longer discussion about his Oscar contender of a film (the full interview will publish on Wednesday). Also of note: Last night at the Gotham Awards, he and Matt Damon exchanged public declarations about their individual interest in working with each other, with Damon joking, "You're like a wolf, and I'm like Sarah Palin in a helicopter." Apparently that conversation continued after the ceremony.

Congratulations on your five Independent Spirit Award nominations.
Thank you.

In Toronto you mentioned that you like being the underdog, this isn't helping your plan. "Silver Linings Playbook" is getting a lot of attention today.
Good! We want people to see the picture.

Last night at the Gotham Awards, Matt Damon and yourself had a nice public exchange about wanting to make a movie together.

I'd pay money to sit in a room and watch you two say to each other, "What kind of movie should we make?"
[Laughs] We ended up meeting up afterwards and having a really nice conversation. I think we'll figure something out.

Oh? That sound promising.
It was really nice. Then we had a nice long talk afterwards with John Krasinski, which is nice.

I hope that happens.
Oh, yeah. I think we'll figure something out as time goes on.

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