11/28/2012 10:16 am ET Updated Nov 28, 2012

Joseph Reefer Assaulted Girlfriend Sarah Dusenberry Over 'Dr. Phil' Show, Cops Say (VIDEO)

Dr. Phil usually brings people together, but not in the case of one couple in Ambridge, Pennsylvania.

Joseph Reffer, 20, and Sarah Dusenberry, 21, were watching an episode of Dr. Phil on Thanksgiving that dealt with former relationships and ex-partners, and got so angry with each other that a fight broke out according to the responding officer, Sean Owen.

"The fight broke out because they were talking about ex-partners, ex-relationships," Owen told KDKA-TV. "Mr. Reefer pushed Ms. Dusenberry into a mirror and then pushed her into a potted cactus."

Dusenberry suffered scrapes and bruises from the cactus, and was thrown out of the house by Reefer, forcing her to get a ride from a neighbor to her parents' house. That's where she called police, according to the Beaver County Times.

When the authorities arrived, she showed them a large scratch down her back, a large bruise on her elbow and scratches all over her hands.

Reefer acknowledged arguing with Dusenberry, but denied assaulting her, according to the Associated Press. He was arrested on charges of simple assault and harassment, and faces a preliminary hearing on Friday.



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