11/27/2012 04:10 pm ET Updated Nov 27, 2012

Obakki Spotlights Sudanese Models For '10 Pieces For Change' Collection Campaign (VIDEO)

Since 2009 the Obakki clothing collection has been the definition of philanthropic fashion. With 100 percent of the proceeds from each garment sold supporting The Obakki Foundation, which is currently aiding the water crisis in South Sudan, the company has not only produced luxurious designs but has also helped change the world.

This season Obakki has launched the "10 Pieces For Change" collection to continue that crusade.

Treana Peake, Obakki's founder and creative director, rounded up a bevy of Sudanese beauties that she calls the "faces of change" (models Ajang Majok, Mari Malek, Atong Arjok, Ajak Deng and Nyamuoch Girwath) to share personal stories about their homeland's plight and to highlight Obakki's stunning collection in a short campaign video.

"Fashion is such an easy way to get the message out," Ajak Deng said. "If there is a story behind the clothes, they would want to know too because a lot of people are willing to tell the story."

From a draped silk dress to a sumptuous wool sweater, the line is filled with plenty of covetable items that have all been inspired by the land and people of South Sudan. The long-sleeve fitted dress with paneling reflective of Sudanese tribes is particularly amazing! But the best part is that all sales from the collection go directly to drilling water wells in the war torn country.

Check out the video above and the beautiful clothing collection in the slideshow below--both will certainly invoke those warm, fuzzy holiday feelings of charity, goodwill...and looking fab!



Obakki 10 Pieces For Change Collection